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Parker Burton Wiki: Parker Burton is not only famous on TikTok, but he is also a symbol of how young people today want to make a living on digital platforms. Parker Burton was born on October 26, 1999, in Dallas, Texas. He is a Scorpio, which is a sign of passion and determination, and it’s clear that he brings these traits to his work. Parker not only graduated from an American university, but he also gained a massive following of people who saw him as an expert in technology, especially in the Android ecosystem.

His rise from a local high school graduate to a famous TikTok star is genuinely inspiring. He has made a name for himself by writing about Android phones, their apps and accessories, and hacks that make people’s lives easier. His writing style is informative and easy to understand, which helps people figure out how complicated technology is. By connecting with his audience in this way, Parker Burton turns viewers into followers, followers into fans, and fans into a group of people who believe in what he stands for.

Parker Burton Wiki

Parker Burton Wiki

There is no doubt that Parker Burton has had a significant impact on the digital world, especially among tech fans. Because he has a unique mix of knowledge and charm, he makes content that teaches and entertains. This mix makes sure that people not only watch his videos but also interact with them, which increases his influence even more. His content strategy is a well-thought-out plan to share his love of technology and build a community of people who are as excited about Android as he is.

Full NameParker Burton
Date of BirthOctober 26, 1999
Age23 years old as of 2022
Zodiac SignScorpio
Birth PlaceDallas, TX, United States
EducationGraduated from a local university
Marital StatusMarried
TikTok Followers2.5 million+
TikTok Username@imparkerburton
Instagram Followers82.3k+
YouTube Subscribers352k+
Known ForTech videos, Android expertise
Engagement on ContentHigh
StyleInformative, Engaging
AudienceAndroid enthusiasts, Tech community
Personality TraitsLooks, Cute Smile, Style
Content SpecialityShort-form technology content

Parker Burton Height, Weight, and More

Parker Burton’s appeal comes from both the information he shares and the way he looks. 5’8″ tall and weighing about 57 kg, he has a slim build that makes him look approachable, which the camera loves. Because of how he looks, he has a significant screen presence, making him not only a knowledgeable tech fan but also someone you can relate to.

Parker Burton bio

His style and personality come through in his videos, which makes him a person that people want to interact with and come back to. When he goes on camera to talk about the newest Android device or show off a new hack, it’s not just his knowledge that draws people in; it’s also who he is. People in the tech community like his style, smile, and the way he presents himself. These things make his content better and easier to understand.

Height5’8” inches
Weight57 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Height in Meters1.73 m
Height in Feet5 feet 8 inches
Weight in Pounds125.6 lbs
Weight in Ounces2008 oz
Distinctive FeaturesCute Smile, Style
Fashion SenseTrendy, Casual
Workout RoutineNot Specified
Diet PlanNot Specified
Foot SizeSize 9 (US)
TattoosNone Noted

Parker Burton Career Information

Parker Burton has made a living doing what he loves, making interesting TikTok videos and reviewing Android phones on his YouTube channel. He has also become a tech industry leader. His consistent and honest approach to creating content has helped him build trust with his followers. Parker’s carefully thought-out and clever content choices have made him famous on TikTok, where he is one of the most popular users.

Parker Burton wife

His journey doesn’t end on TikTok; it continues on YouTube, where he has over 352k subscribers who watch his reviews of Android phones. Millions of people follow him on different social media sites, which shows how influential he is. Parker Burton is well-known in the tech world, not just because his content is relatable. It’s also because he brings realness to the digital world.

TikTok PresenceOver 2.5 million followers
Content TypeTechnology, Android ecosystem
YouTube ChannelTech reviews and comparisons
Instagram EngagementHigh with 82.3k+ followers
CollaborationsWith various influencers
Consistency in ContentRegular updates
Approach to ContentHonest, Genuine
RecognitionRecognized tech influencer
Content StrategyInformative and user-friendly
Engagement StrategiesHigh audience interaction
InnovativenessIntroduces new tech trends

Parker Burton Net Worth Information

Even though Parker Burton’s net worth isn’t made public, his success on social media sites likely helps him make a lot of money. Based on his popularity on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, he has used his love of technology to make money. He probably makes much money from working with brands, endorsing them on social media, and doing sponsored content.

Revenue StreamsSocial Media, Brand Deals
Sponsorship DealsLikely Numerous
Monetization PlatformsTikTok, YouTube, Instagram
Brand CollaborationsWith Tech Companies
MerchandisingPossible Future Endeavor
Financial SavvyLikely High
Social Media InfluenceMajor Contributor to Earnings
Entrepreneurial VenturesPotential in Tech Niche
Ad Revenue from YouTubeSignificant Contributor
Instagram Partnership EarningsConsiderable

10 Interesting Facts About Parker Burton

  1. Parker has a distinct smile that has become his signature on social media.
  2. Despite his tech savvy, he maintains a certain level of privacy regarding his personal life.
  3. He has shared his wedding pictures on Instagram, showcasing his life beyond technology.
  4. Parker’s approachability extends beyond the screen, with followers often citing his responsiveness to comments.
  5. He’s not just into tech; his social media shows he enjoys outdoor adventures as well.
  6. Despite the technical nature of his content, Parker keeps it relatable, avoiding heavy jargon.
  7. His content demonstrates not only reviews but also the practical use of technology in everyday life.
  8. Parker has created a brand for himself, becoming synonymous with credible tech advice.
  9. He often collaborates with other influencers, showing his belief in community over competition.
  10. His followers don’t just watch his content; they often report trying out his suggestions, demonstrating his impact.


Parker Burton is a name that people in the digital tech community associate with new ideas, trust, and knowledge. Because he works hard and takes a unique approach to making content, he has not only built a large following but also become a tech thought leader. From graduating high school to becoming a digital creator, he never stopped pursuing his passion.

He can explain complicated technological ideas in simple terms, and he wants to keep his audience on the cutting edge of technology at all times. It looks like he did an excellent job of crafting his social media strategy, which balances personal branding with engaging his audience. Parker ensures that his content is always accessible for his audience to understand and valuable, whether with short tech tips or in-depth product reviews.

The tech fan’s rise to fame is a classic example of how personal interests can be turned into professional successes with the help of digital platforms. As he grows his online presence, Parker Burton is still an inspiration and a great example of how social media can help people make promising careers in niche areas.

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