Not the Worst Cleaner Wiki/Bio, (TikTok Star) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Not the Worst Cleaner Wiki: Not the Worst Cleaner is a famous TikTok star and social media influencer from Canada. Her unique mix of content that combines kitchen cleaning with mental health advocacy has captivated people worldwide. She was born under the sign of Leo and has all the charm and confidence that come with that sign. The first part of her journey was her early education in Canada, which led to a psychology degree from Saint Mary’s University.

This educational background has helped her understand how cleaning affects people’s minds. Brogan Chambers is her real name, but her online alias is much more well-known. She is very active on social media, though. She shares a lot of parts of her personal life, making her online persona more real. She is a mom to three boys. Her content is varied and relatable because she shares many things, like cleaning checklists, step-by-step guides, and touching personal stories.

Not the Worst Cleaner Wiki

Not the Worst Cleaner Wiki

The fact that Not the Worst Cleaner became popular on sites like TikTok and Instagram shows that she can connect with a wide range of people. Her writing isn’t just about cleaning; it’s a journey into how organization and cleanliness can change your mental health. Her caring approach and helpful cleaning tips connect with many people who find comfort in keeping their spaces clean.

Her videos, often full of satisfying transformations, are more than just pretty; they give you a sense of accomplishment and help you focus. She has millions of followers because of the unique mix of content she posts. This makes her one of the most influential people in the online cleaning community.

Real NameBrogan Chambers
Age30 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignLeo
EducationGraduated from Saint Mary’s University
Early SchoolingLocal High School in Canada
ChildrenThree Sons
Famous ForTikTok and YouTube Cleaning Videos
Personal InterestsAdventures, Music, Swimming
Interaction with FansRegularly Posts New Content
Approach to ContentCleaning Tips, Mental Health Association
Engagement with AudienceActively Engages with Fans

Not the Worst Cleaner Height, Weight, and More

In social media influencers, looks are essential, and Not the Worst Cleaner is no different. She is 5’5″ tall and weighs about 56 kg, which makes her a figure that is both relatable and inspiring. Her brown eyes and hair make her even more charming, and each post she makes wins over her fans. Her looks aren’t the only thing that makes her appealing; her lively personality and exciting content make her stand out.

Not the Worst Cleaner bio

The way Not the Worst Cleaner looks, including her height, weight, and general appearance, significantly impacts her online persona. Many people like her style because it’s trendy and comfortable. This is especially true for people looking for fashion inspirations they can relate to. Eating well and working out regularly makes her look better and fits with her message of overall well-being, including mental and physical health.

Height5’5” inches (165 cm)
Weight56 kg (123 lbs)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Body TypeSlim Build
Fashion StyleTrendy and Comfortable
Fitness EnthusiasmModerate
Dietary PreferenceBalanced Diet
Distinctive FeaturesEngaging Smile
Physical ActivityRegular Exercise

Not the Worst Cleaner Career Information

Not the worst. Cleaner’s career path in the digital world is an exciting tale of how things change and grow. From her early days on TikTok to her widespread use of many social media sites, her journey shows how the world of making online content is changing. Her ability to mix cleaning tips, mental health advice, and personal stories has made her stand out in a crowded digital space. Her strategy of making short, powerful videos has helped her get millions of followers and a proliferating YouTube channel.

Her approach to social media is refreshingly honest, and she shares both valuable tips and personal stories that connect with a wide range of people. Her creative content strategies, including a mix of how-tos, tips, and personal stories, have helped her find her place in the cleaning community and made her a major social media influencer in general. She has a significant effect on her fans because she motivates them to be clean for their health and mental clarity.

TikTok Followers5.6M+
YouTube Subscribers349k
Instagram Followers736k+
Content FocusCleaning and Mental Health
Video FormatShort, Engaging Clips
Audience EngagementHigh, with Regular Interaction
Influence on Social MediaSignificant in Cleaning Community
Approach to BrandingAuthentic and Relatable
CollaborationsVarious Brands and Influencers
Content VarietyTutorials, Tips, Personal Stories
Innovative StrategiesConstantly Evolving Content Approach
Impact on FansPositive, Inspirational

Not the Worst Cleaner Net Worth Information

Looking into how much money Not the Worst Cleaner makes gives us a glimpse into the lucrative world of social media influencers. The exact amount of her net worth is not made public, but it’s clear that her popularity on sites like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram makes a big difference in her income. Collaborations with brands, sponsorships, and advertising sales are probably significant to her financial success. Her extensive and growing following and high engagement rate make her a good partner for brands that want to reach a loyal and active audience.

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, her estimated net worth shows how hard she works, how well she plans her content, and how well she works with others. Not the Worst Cleaner impacts the market, especially in the cleaning and lifestyle niche. Brands want to work with her because she can connect with young adults and give them valuable and exciting content. Her wealth has grown because she is famous and knows how to use the digital market fully.

Estimated Net Worth$1 Million (Approx.)
Income SourcesSocial Media, Brand Collaborations
Brand PartnershipsMultiple High-profile Brands
Advertising RevenueSignificant from YouTube and TikTok
Sponsorship DealsRegular and Lucrative
MerchandisingPotential Future Endeavor
Audience DemographicsBroad, Mostly Young Adults
Market InfluenceStrong in Cleaning and Lifestyle Niche
Financial Growth RateRapidly Increasing
Business AcumenHigh, with Strategic Partnerships

10 Interesting Facts about Not the Worst Cleaner

  1. She often includes her sons in her Instagram posts, adding a personal touch to her profile.
  2. Not the Worst Cleaner is known for her unique approach to cleaning, intertwining it with mental health awareness.
  3. Her TikTok videos are not just famous for their content but also for their creative and engaging presentation.
  4. She has a solid educational background in psychology, which she often incorporates into her content.
  5. Despite her fame, she maintains a down-to-earth and relatable online persona.
  6. Her content extends beyond cleaning, touching on self-care and personal development themes.
  7. She has successfully navigated the transition from TikTok to YouTube, showcasing her versatility as a content creator.
  8. Her fashion sense is both trendy and comfortable, reflecting her approachable nature.
  9. She is an advocate for a balanced lifestyle, emphasizing both mental and physical health.
  10. Not the Worst Cleaner’s journey is a compelling example of how passion and hard work can lead to success in the digital age.


The story of Not the Worst Cleaner’s journey into the digital world is one of passion, dedication, and new ideas. She is a big deal in the online community because she can combine helpful cleaning tips with mental health advice. She has millions of followers because of this. Her friendly personality and deep understanding of what her fans want have made her a well-liked figure on social media. She undeniably affects her fans and the online community as a whole, even as she continues to change and grow. Not the Worst Cleaner’s story shows how important it is to be honest and creative on social media, where things constantly change.

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