Paolla Oliveira Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Paolla Oliveira Wiki: Passion and beauty are linked to Paolla Oliveira’s name in the Brazilian entertainment industry. In 1990, she was born in São Paulo, and now she is famous for fashion and beauty. From when she was a model to her current captivating TV roles, Paolla’s life shows how hard she works and how dedicated she is. She started modeling when she was only 16, which led to her future success. Different cultures make Paolla very attractive.

Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese were her ancestors. In addition to fashion, she finished her degree in physiotherapy at Cruzeiro do Sul University. This displays how flexible she is and how much she desires to improve herself. She is balanced and charming, just like her sign, Libra. Her honest conversations and friendly personality make her fans love her.

Paolla Oliveira Wiki

TV ads made her famous, which led to lead roles in Brazilian telenovelas such as “Belíssima” and “Metamorphoses.” That part in “O Profeta” made her an even bigger star in the business. Paolla posts about fashion, lifestyle, and personal things on her social media accounts. Her honesty and charm have made her very popular.

Paolla Oliveira Wiki

Full NamePaolla Oliveira
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 1990
Zodiac SignLibra
Place of BirthSão Paulo, Brazil
Age32 years old (as of 2023)
EthnicityPortuguese, Italian, Spanish
EducationGraduated in Physiotherapy
UniversityCruzeiro do Sul University
Early CareerStarted modeling at age 16
Social Media PopularityInstagram (35.6M+ followers), TikTok (3.5M+ followers)
Family BackgroundDaughter of a homemaker and a military officer
Favorite ActivitiesMaking Instagram and TikTok videos
Languages SpokenPortuguese
Early EducationLocal high school in Brazil

Paolla Oliveira Height, Weight, and More

In the fashion and modelling worlds, how someone looks is very important. Paolla Oliveira stands out on every runway she walks because of how beautiful and captivating she is. Her height of about 5’6″ (1.68 meters or 168 centimetres) and weight of about 57 kg (125 pounds or 2000 ounces) make her look even taller.

Paolla Oliveira bio

This is because she is very dedicated to fitness and health. Fans love that she has brown eyes and blonde hair, which make her look unique. She is very committed to staying fit, and it shows on her social media, where she often posts about her workouts. Because she works so hard, she’s not only a model but also a fitness icon for many.

DetailsPhysical Attributes
Height5’6″ (1.68 meters / 168 centimeters)
Weight57 kg (125 lbs / 2000 ounces)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Distinctive FeaturesBig eyes and long silky hair
Workout PreferenceShares workout routines on social media
Fashion SenseTrendy and stylish
Health ConsciousnessFitness and Fashion Enthusiast

Paolla Oliveira Career Information

Paolla Oliveira’s career is a tapestry of many roles and important accomplishments. After trying her hand at modeling, she moved on to acting, taking on roles that showed her versatility. The roles she played in “Os Amadores,” “Ciranda de Pedra,” and “Entre Lencóis” are just a few examples of how versatile she is.

Paolla Oliveira boyfriend

People have noticed how talented she is because she won “Danca dos Famosos” in 2009 and played both the bad girl Melissa in “Além do Tempo” (2015) and the good girl Jeiza in “A Forca do Querer” (2017). Coupled with her hard work ethic and professional approach to modelling, she is a well-known person on and off the screen.

DetailsCareer Achievements
Television Debut“Metamorphoses”
Breakthrough Role“Belíssima”
Notable Telenovela“O Profeta”
Reality Show TriumphWinner of “Dança dos Famosos” (2009)
Filmography Highlight“Entre Lençóis” (2008)
Memorable CharactersMelissa in “Além do Tempo,” Jeiza in “A Força do Querer”
Brand EndorsementsLifestyle, fashion, and beauty sectors
Social Media InfluenceFashion and fitness content creator
CollaborationsWorks with various influencers
Content CreationUnique approach to social media
Audience EngagementInteractive with fans
Industry ImpactMajor influencer in fitness and fashion

Paolla Oliveira Net Worth Information

People are often interested in how much money celebrities have, and Paolla Oliveira is no different. She has made much money from her long career as a model and actress. Paolla has built an empire that is just as impressive as her career. She has done this through brand endorsements, social media partnerships, and acting roles.

She has a lot of power in the fashion and beauty industries thanks to the strategic partnerships and brand endorsements she has made. She is a famous model and actress in Brazil, and her net worth shows how much she is worth worldwide.

DetailsFinancial Aspects
Estimated Net WorthNot Discloused
Income StreamsActing, Modeling, Brand Endorsements
Social Media MonetizationInstagram, TikTok
Lifestyle EndorsementsFashion, Beauty
Financial SavvyCollaborates with top brands
Influencer MarketingSignificant figure in influencer marketing

10 Interesting Facts About Paolla Oliveira

  1. Paolla Oliveira was a professional physiotherapist before entering the entertainment industry.
  2. She won a reality dance competition, representing her diverse talents beyond acting.
  3. Despite her celebrity status, she values privacy and maintains a low profile regarding her personal life.
  4. Oliveira is an animal lover and is known to advocate for animal rights.
  5. She often uses her platform to promote healthy living and wellness.
  6. Oliveira is recognized for her philanthropic efforts, especially in Brazilian communities.
  7. She has remained relevant in a highly competitive industry for over a decade.
  8. Paolla is an avid reader and often shares her favorite books with fans.
  9. She knows languages and speaks more than just her native Portuguese.
  10. Oliveira has been praised for her ability to connect with her audience, both on-screen and online.


Paolla Oliveira isn’t just a model or actress; she’s a lively, multifaceted person who embodies the spirit of Brazilian charm. From being a young model to a famous actress and social media star, her story shows how hard work and ambition can pay off. Because of how she looks, her skills, and her business sense, she has built an impressive career and a strong online presence.

She is loved by many because she has a close relationship with her fans, takes charge of her career, and always interacts with her audience. People who want to be models or actors can learn from Paolla’s story. It shows that with hard work and passion, anyone can become famous.

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