Aliyah Royale Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Aliyah Royale Wiki: Aliyah Royale is a famous American actress who has made a big name in the entertainment business with her hard work and exceptional talent. Royale is an essential figure in Hollywood. She was born in the United States on March 4, 2000. Her journey as an actress began in 2012, which marks ten years of her impressive presence in the business. Her first role on the TV show “Mann and Wife” was the start of a successful career.

Royale’s Pisces zodiac sign shows her creativity and intuition, which comes through in her performances. The variety of roles Royale has played over the years shows how much she loves acting. She got a lot of praise for her role as Iira Bennett in “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” in 2020. This role showed how versatile she is as an actress. Royale is dedicated to her craft in more than one way.

Aliyah Royale Wiki

Aliyah Royale Wiki

Her love of singing and traveling shows her desire to discover and share herself. Her career has been driven by her desire to deliver something new and better. This shows that passion and persistence can lead to great success. Aliyah has accomplished a lot because she is open-minded and willing to try new things. This makes her an inspiration.

Full NameAliyah Royale
Date of BirthMarch 4, 2000
Age23 (as of 2022)
Zodiac SignPisces
Career Start2012
First TV SeriesMann and Wife
Breakthrough RoleIira Bennett in The Walking Dead: World Beyond
HobbiesSinging, Traveling
Years Active10 Years
Inspiration FactorsPassion, Perseverance, Open Mindset
AchievementsFLY Film Festival for Best Youth Actor, Nominee for Young Entertainer Awards

Aliyah Royale Height, Weight, and More

Aliyah Royale’s attractive looks are a big part of why she is so charismatic on screen. She is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 59 kg. Her body is slim and attractive. Her bright appearance, which includes black eyes and long, silky black hair, goes well with how she acts on screen. Royale’s style, which appeals to young people, combines class and modern style. Being able to walk with grace and confidence adds to her beauty and has helped her become a fashion icon for many.

Aliyah Royale bio

Fashion brands are interested in her because of her unique style and how she acts in public. Royale’s work as a model in the fashion industry shows how flexible she is and how willing she is to explore different sides of her personality. She is well-known in the entertainment and fashion industries thanks to her beautiful face and charming smile, which have helped her gain a large following.

Height5′ 4” inches (1.63 meters)
Weight59 kg (130 lbs)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Fashion StyleElegant, Contemporary
Modeling ExperienceWorked with Top-Notch Fashion Brands
Distinctive FeaturesBig Eyes, Long Silky Hair
AppealYouthful, Vibrant
Physical FitnessWell-Maintained

Aliyah Royale Career Information

Several vital roles and accomplishments mark Aliyah Royale’s career in the entertainment business. With her first role on the TV show “Mann and Wife” in 2012, she got off to a great start in Hollywood. In 2020, her role as Iira Bennett in “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” put her in the spotlight, showed off her acting skills, and earned her praise from critics. Royale’s long list of movies, which includes “Omolara,” “War Paint,” “The First Stone,” and “LA Stories,” shows how versatile she is as an actress.

Aliyah Royale boyfriend

In addition to movies, Royale has also made a name for herself on TV with roles in shows like “The Watchful Eye,” “The Red Line,” and “Major Crimes.” She is very talented and versatile because she can play different roles and types of music. Royale has a lot of other interests and personalities, as shown by the fact that she is in music videos and works as a model in the fashion industry. Her rise in the business shows how hard she works, how dedicated she is, and how much she loves the arts.

First RoleAlexa in Mann and Wife
Notable TV SeriesThe Walking Dead: World Beyond, The Watchful Eye, The Red Line
FilmographyOmolara, War Paint, The First Stone, LA Stories
AwardsFLY Film Festival for Best Youth Actor, Nominee for Young Entertainer Awards
Years in Industry10 Years
Music Video AppearancesI Rock My Tutu
Modeling ProjectsVarious Fashion Brands
Acting RangeDiverse Roles in Film and Television

Aliyah Royale Net Worth Information

Aliyah Royale’s success in the entertainment business has not only made her famous, but it has also helped her wealth a great deal. Specific numbers about her net worth are not made public, but the fact that she is in many popular TV shows and movies and works as a model suggests that she makes a good living. Her career path, which is full of essential roles and constant growth, points to a net worth that is steadily rising.

Royale makes money in more ways than just acting. She models and appears in music videos, for example. Her money makes her proud because she has worked hard, been dedicated, and made intelligent decisions in her career. Her net worth is expected to continue to rise as she takes on more challenging roles, which will show how important she is becoming in the entertainment industry. Many people look up to Royale’s financial success as an example of how hard work and dedication to your craft can pay off in the long run.

Primary Income SourceActing in Film and Television
Secondary Income SourceModeling, Music Video Appearances
Estimated Net WorthSubstantial (Exact Figure Unknown)
Income from ActingMajor Contributor
Income from ModelingSignificant
Career Longevity10 Years
Financial GrowthSteady Increase
Influence in IndustryHigh
Financial SuccessReflection of Dedication and Talent
Economic ContributionsVarious Sectors in the Entertainment Industry

10 Interesting Facts About Aliyah Royale

  1. Aliyah Royale began her acting career at a young age, showcasing her talent early on.
  2. Her zodiac sign, Pisces, reflects her artistic and intuitive nature.
  3. Royale’s breakout role in “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” significantly boosted her career.
  4. She is interested in singing and traveling, indicating a multifaceted personality.
  5. Royale’s physical appearance, particularly her big eyes and long, silky hair, adds to her on-screen charm.
  6. She has been recognized for her acting talents with awards and nominations.
  7. Her fashion sense and modeling work have also garnered attention.
  8. Royale’s ability to adapt to various roles speaks to her versatility as an actress.
  9. Her influence in the entertainment industry continues to grow, reflecting her hard work and dedication.
  10. Aliyah Royale’s career spans over a decade, highlighting her longevity and success in the industry.


Many people look up to Aliyah Royale’s path in the entertainment business. Her acting skills and interests in singing and fashion show that she has a flexible and exciting personality. She is successful not only because she is talented but also because she works hard, doesn’t give up, and is open to new challenges.

Royale’s career keeps changing and growing, but she symbolizes passion and dedication. She shows that anyone can do great things in their field with the right attitude and drive. Her story shows how powerful it is to follow your dreams and how much of an impact you can have when you do.

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