Serenity Cox Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Serenity Cox Wiki: Born in the calm environs of Canada, Serenity Cox has crafted an intriguing identity for herself. Serenity, whose relationship status is open, is interested in both guys and girls, expressing the open-mindedness synonymous with her name. She’s got an undying love for travel, often packing her bags and setting off on new adventures. Also, Serenity seems to have a unique style and prefers Converse, making her a trendy figure.

Her online presence has gathered massive video and profile views, proving her popularity and the compelling nature of her content. As the wheels of her life continue to turn, there’s no doubt that Serenity Cox’s journey will be filled with captivating stories.

Serenity Cox Wiki, Bio

Serenity Cox Wiki/Bio

Serenity Cox Wiki and BiographyDetails
NameSerenity Cox
Birth PlaceCanada
Relationship StatusOpen
Interested InGuys and Girls
Favorite BrandConverse
Current OccupationActress
EducationDegree in World History
Social Media PresenceActive on Instagram and Twitter
AmbitionTo visit every country in the world
Known ForHer inspiring travel stories
Favorite ActorJhonny Sins

Serenity Cox Height, Weight, and More

With a height of 5’7″ and a distinctive style marked by tattoos and piercings, Serenity Cox is a woman who knows how to make a statement. She carries herself with an aura of grace and confidence. Her physical attributes are an extension of her personality – bold, intriguing, and unapologetic.

Serenity Cox Height, Weight, and MoreDetails
Height5’7″ (170 cm)
Fitness RoutineRegular Hiking and Yoga
Skin Care RoutineHe prefers organic skincare products
DietMostly plant-based diet

Serenity Cox Career Information

Serenity Cox’s career path has been as interesting as her persona. She has garnered substantial attention as a travel blogger, as evident from her video and profile views. Her followers are continually fascinated by her life’s adventures and the stories she shares from her global excursions.

Serenity Cox Career InformationDetails
Career StatusActive
ProfessionTravel Blogger
Video Views359,453,208
Profile Views69,650,608
AchievementsDocumented travel to over 50 countries
Social ResponsibilityAdvocates for sustainable travel
AspirationsTo publish a book on her travel experiences

Serenity Cox Net Worth Information

While the details of Serenity Cox’s net worth are not disclosed, her success as a travel blogger has undoubtedly generated substantial income. Her income sources include brand partnerships, ad revenue, and sponsored posts.

Serenity Cox Net Worth InformationDetails
Estimated Net Worth$200K
Income SourceBlogging, brand partnerships, ads
InvestmentsReal estate properties
AssetsOwns a campervan
PhilanthropyContributes to environmental charities
Real EstateOwns a condo in Canada
SavingsRegularly invests in sustainable funds
Dream PurchaseA private island
Financial GoalFinancial independence
InsuranceHas comprehensive travel insurance

10 Interesting Facts about Serenity Cox

  1. Serenity Cox was born in Canada.
  2. She is 5’7″ tall and has a unique style marked by tattoos and piercings.
  3. She is an ardent traveler and wishes to visit every country.
  4. She is a successful travel blogger with millions of video and profile views.
  5. Serenity loves the brand Converse.
  6. She is open-minded and interested in both guys and girls.
  7. Serenity is a yoga enthusiast and regularly practices to stay fit.
  8. She is actively involved in advocating for sustainable travel.
  9. She enjoys a primarily plant-based diet.
  10. Serenity dreams of buying a private island someday.


Serenity Cox is a dynamic personality whose life is as enchanting as her name. She has made a significant mark as a travel blogger, inspiring millions with her captivating stories and travel experiences. Her open-mindedness towards relationships and her adventurous spirit make her an engaging personality. Her dream of exploring every country speaks volumes about her undying zeal for life.

From her plant-based diet to her regular yoga practices, she stands as a figure of healthy living. She expresses her distinctive style confidently with her tattoos, piercings, and Converse shoes. There’s no doubt that Serenity Cox is a woman of substance, inspiring us all to live our truth and follow our passions fearlessly.


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