Purple Bitch Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Purple Bitch Wiki: Purple Bitch is a vibrant and unique personality from the intriguingly named Raccooncity in the Czech Republic. With an open relationship status and an interest in guys, she stands out in the crowd with her fascinating persona. Her interests are as vibrant as her moniker, including series, comics, synth play, and make-up. She represents the new-age digital influencers who connect with a broad audience through eclectic hobbies.

Purple Bitch has made an important place for herself in the digital space. Her profile and video views show the level of engagement she garners from her audience. Her interests and hobbies reflect a highly creative person who isn’t afraid to embrace her individuality.

Purple Bitch Wiki, Bio

Purple Bitch Wiki/Bio

Purple Bitch Wiki and BiographyDetails
NamePurple Bitch
Birth PlaceCzech Republic
City and CountryRaccooncity, Czech Republic
Relationship StatusOpen
Interested InGuys
HobbiesSeries, comics, synth play, make-up
Current OccupationDigital Content Creator
EducationDegree in Visual Arts
Social Media PresenceActive on Instagram, YouTube
Unique QuirkLoves to experiment with hair colors
Favorite ActorJhonny Sins

Purple Bitch Height, Weight, and More

Purple Bitch has a distinctive look that goes well with her vibrant personality. Standing at 5’4″ and weighing 116 lbs, she flaunts an otherworldly hair color that suits her unique style. The tattoos and piercings are other layers that add to her edgy appearance.

Purple Bitch Height, Weight, and MoreDetails
Height5’4″ (162 cm)
Weight116 lbs (53 kg)
Hair ColorOther
Eye ColorGreen
Preferred StyleUrban, vibrant
Skincare RoutineOrganic skincare products
Fitness RoutineYoga and strength training

Purple Bitch Career Information

Purple Bitch has successfully carved a niche for herself in the digital landscape. Her career as a digital content creator is impressive, with her profile and video views reaching millions. This remarkable reach exemplifies her creative prowess and ability to engage with a vast audience.

Purple Bitch Career InformationDetails
Current OccupationDigital Content Creator
Career HighlightsMulti-million views on digital content
Profile Views81,713,763
Video Views340,938,675
Future PlansAims to broaden her creative ventures
AchievementsRecognition for unique style and creative content
Social ResponsibilityAdvocates for self-expression and individuality

Purple Bitch Net Worth Information

While her exact net worth is undisclosed, it is clear that Purple Bitch’s career as a digital content creator has been financially rewarding. Her income sources are diverse, from digital content creation to brand partnerships.

Purple Bitch Net Worth InformationDetails
Estimated Net WorthNot Disclosed
Income SourceDigital content creation, partnerships
Financial GoalsTo invest in her creative studio
Other InvestmentsHas an art collection
PhilanthropySupports art and creativity in schools
Real EstateOwns an apartment in Raccoon City
AssetsHigh-end recording equipment
Monthly ExpensesPrimarily on creative tools and travel
SavingsRegularly invests in savings
Dream PurchaseA house in Tokyo

10 Interesting Facts about Purple Bitch

  1. Purple Bitch is from Raccooncity, Czech Republic.
  2. Her interests include series, comics, synth play, and make-up.
  3. She stands at 5’4″ and weighs 116 lbs.
  4. Her hair color is constantly changing, keeping in tune with her vibrant personality.
  5. Purple Bitch has tattoos and piercings, adding to her edgy appearance.
  6. Her videos have been viewed over 340 million times.
  7. She has a degree in Visual Arts, showcasing her creative background.
  8. Purple Bitch plans to expand its digital presence.
  9. She advocates for self-expression and individuality.
  10. She dreams of buying a house in Tokyo.


Purple Bitch embodies the spirit of the modern digital age, where individuals create unique identities and connect with a global audience. Her vibrant personality, eclectic interests, and commitment to self-expression set her apart.

With millions of video and profile views, she has successfully tapped into the pulse of her audience. In an era of digital media shaping our lives, influencers like Purple Bitch are a beacon of individuality and creativity.


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