Javier Solis Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Javier Solis Wiki: Gabriel Siria Levario is the name under which Javier Solis was born. He is a well-known figure in the Mexican music and film industries. Solis has left an indelible mark on Mexican culture with his soulful singing and commanding stage presence. Solis was born in 1931 to Francisco Siria Mora and Juana Levario Plata. When he was young, he went through a lot of hard times. His birth parents had to give him up to his uncle Valentin Levario Plata and his wife, Angela López Martnez, who he considered his birth parents.

After his aunt Angela died, Solis had to stop going to school to help his family. Despite these problems, Solis stayed interested in music and often entered singing contests. He also learned how to box for fun. Solis first entered singing competitions under the name “Javier Luqun.” He won so many times that he was finally banned. After making his boss happy at the butcher shop where he worked, he started singing lessons with Noé Quintero.

Javier Solis Wiki, Bio

Javier Solis Wiki/Bio

Personal InformationDetails
Full NameGabriel Siria Levario
Stage NameJavier Solís
Date of Birth4 September 1931
Place of BirthTacubaya, Mexico City
ParentsFrancisco Siria Mora and Juana Levario Plata
Adoptive ParentsValentín Levario Plata and Ángela López Martínez
Early OccupationButcher
Education5 years of primary school
Marital StatusMarried to Blanca Estela Saenz
Date of Death19 April 1966
Cause of DeathComplications from gallbladder surgery
Burial PlacePanteón Jardín cemetery in Mexico City, Mexico

Javier Solís Height, Weight, and More

On stage and in movies, Javier Sols had a strong personality. He was also known for his muscular body and good looks. Sols was about 5’10” tall and weighed about 180 lbs. He had a robust and commanding personality that drew people in. His rugged looks and charming smile made him a heartthrob, and his physical strength, which he learned as a young boxer, added to his charm on stage.

Physical AttributesDetails
Weight180 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Body TypeAthletic
Distinctive FeatureCharismatic smile

Javier Solís Career Information

Javier Sols was very successful in both music and movies. When Julito Rodrguez and Alfredo Gil of Los Panchos heard him sing, it was a big break for him. He was one of the first musicians to bring the bolero-ranchera style of music to a broader audience. This style combines the bolero beats usually found in trio music with the mariachi accompaniment. He could also sing various kinds of music, such as ranchers, corridos, dan zones, waltzes, and tangos.

Javier Solis
Career InformationDetails
First Album Release Year1950
First Hit Song“Llorarás”
First Movie Appearance1959
Last Movie Appearance“Juan Pistolas” in 1965
Major GenresBolero-ranchera, rancheras, corridos, danzones, waltzes, tangos
Number of No. 1 Hits12
Popular Songs“Sombras”, “Payaso”, “Vereda Tropical”, “En Mi Viejo San Juan”, “Amanecí En Tus Brazos”

Javier Solís Net Worth Information

Even though he had a hard childhood, Sols built a great career in music and movies, which helped him become very wealthy. He had many number-one hits and was in over 20 movies, which helped him make even more money. Even though no one knows the exact amount, it is thought that his net worth was in the millions when he died.

Net Worth InformationDetails
Estimated Net Worth at Time of Death$1-5 million
Major Income SourceMusic and Film
Number of Hit AlbumsNumerous
Number of Films Starred InOver 20
Income from Concert ToursSubstantial
Merchandising IncomeConsiderable
Royalty IncomeSignificant

Interesting Facts about Javier Solís

  1. Solís was one of the “Three Mexican Roosters” of Mexican music and cinema, alongside Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante.
  2. Despite his early career as a butcher, Solís was keenly interested in singing from a young age.
  3. He was an amateur boxer before his music career took off.
  4. He was discovered while singing at his job as a butcher.
  5. His boss at the butcher shop paid for his initial singing lessons.
  6. Solís was among the first artists to popularize the bolero-ranchera style of music.
  7. He had 12 number-one hits on the Mexican charts.
  8. He starred in over 20 films during his career.
  9. Despite his successful acting career, Solís considered himself more of a singer than an actor.
  10. He performed live on TV just seven days before his death.


Ultimately, Javier Sols was a well-known figure in Mexico whose music and movies greatly affected the country’s culture. Even though he had a hard childhood, Sols became one of the most recognized and loved people in the entertainment business. Many people are still inspired by how many different styles of music he could sing, how charismatic he was as an actor, and how strong he was in his personal life. Without question, his legacy will live on for many more years.


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